About Me

Heru Irawan
Problem Solver, Professional Google Searcher, Long-Life Learner.

Hi I`m Heru Irawan ! WordPress Enthusiast From Indonesia, currently working as WordPress Developer @ SMK Bakti Karya (School with most diversity student and culture in Indonesia), preveously working as Technical Support @ Smart Village Nusantara , CTO @ Detara.io, and help hundreds of SMEs and goverment since 2013 to get online precense, and increase sales with WordPress and WooComerce.

WordPress Architech, specialized in security and commerce. Experienced more than 9 years in releated fields. Techpreneur, a teacher, a father of a beautiful daugter. I love cooking and running, surf in beach and internet, and spent whole weekend with my family.

I`d love to grow my network, troughout coffee time and perhaps helping others on the engineering topics.


Aside from my day to day job, I occasionally do:

  • Start-up Mentoring on Technical Aspect.
    Could be a Pro-bono if your startup vision is on empowering Education or Environment
  • Engineering Management Mentoring
    Helping people to the next step of their engineering management career, or their soft-skill aspect on their journey to be a specialist.
  • Technical Advisor to your Software Project
    Ideation to vendor management, technical advisor to ensure your idea comes true without being under-engineering and over-cost.

Don`t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Get in touch : hello@heruirawan.com